Since I’ve written so many novellas and stories, I figured I’d toss up a reading order. Basically, everything besides the main novels is 100% optional.

However, these side stories allow me to explore secondary characters and bits of the characters’ pasts that just wouldn’t fit into the narrative arc of the core novels.

So for completionists, here’s the correct reading order:

The Tess Skye Series

The Tess Skye series takes place in 2022 / 2023 and stars ex-cop turned PI Tess Skye, who as a Soulwalker can transfer her consciousness into the dead and read their thoughts / memories. It does not share a world with any of the series mentioned below.

  • Drop Dead (Book 1)
  • “Dog Days of Ragnarok” (short bonus scene where Tess and Ella play fetch at the dog park and meet a character who appears later in the series; takes place between Book 1 and Book 2)
  • Smoke Show (Book 2)
  • Bomb Shell (Book 3)
  • “The Road Home” (story where Tess is called out to a local museum and then is forced to participate in a bizarre live-streamed game for her own survival)
  • Hot Water (Book 4)
  • Ice Queen (Book 5)
  • Book 6 etc.

The Half-Demon Rogue Trilogy

The Half-Demon Rogue Trilogy takes place in 2016/2017 and stars half-demon Kalos Aeon.

  • Storm Pale (prequel novella; 1,000 BCE; how Kalos met Isabella Kronos, his main adversary in the trilogy)
  • Demon Rogue (Book 1)
  • Blood Frost (Book 2)
  • Moon Burn (Book 3)

The Ruby Callaway Trilogy

The Ruby Callaway Trilogy takes places over twenty years after the Half-Demon Rogue Trilogy, in 2039, and stars bounty hunter Ruby Callaway. Technically, it’s a spinoff “sequel” to the Half-Demon Rogue Trilogy, since it deals with the fallout from the last book Moon Burn.

However, you absolutely do not need to read the Half-Demon Rogue Trilogy beforehand. Some of the characters crossover in The Ruby Callaway Trilogy (and vice versa), since the trilogies are set in the same world.

  • Bone Realm (prequel novella; 1812; how Ruby became a bounty hunter)
  • Lightning Blade (Book 1) > “Silver Tempest” (short side story; how Ruby met Serenity Cole in 1993)
  • Shadow Flare (Book 2) > Kentucky Clear (side novella; how Ruby met Maximo the half-titan in 1959)
  • Blood River (Book 3) > Going Home (side novella; how Ruby met Harcourt Leblanc, the only mark to ever evade her grasp, in 2006)

The Eden Hunter Trilogy

The Eden Hunter Trilogy takes place in 2018, and stars con artist Eden Hunter. It does not share a world with any of the series mentioned above.

  • Soul Break (prequel novella takes place a year before Book 1)
  • Soul Storm (Book 1)
  • Soul Fire (Book 2)
  • Soul Bite (Book 3)

Again, none of the side stories or novellas are mandatory reading. They just explore the mythos, lore and characters of the world in greater detail. Interested in checking them out? You can get them for free when you subscribe to my newsletter.