The new urban fantasy series!

I might not survive today.

But I can guarantee one thing.

Whoever’s hunting me isn’t gonna survive either.

Just ask the vampires next to me in this motel room. Oh wait, you can’t. Because they’re dead. And I might be wanted by the cops for that particular incident, but I still got the better end of the deal.

We do have a problem, though. And by we, I mean me, because I’m all alone. Outgunned. Outmanned. And memory-less. So I don’t even know why everyone’s trying to kill me.

But it seems like a pretty big fish. A whale, billionaire-sized.

He keeps sending guys after me.

Maybe he should start realizing how this day is gonna end.

Like it started. With everyone who’s coming for me six feet under.

Even if I end up right there with them.

What readers are saying about Drop Dead:

I’m a fan of D.N. Erikson’s work, to be fair, but this is next level good. Like, I want the next book NOW, good.

I hope this series lasts a long time.

Loved the story line as well as the characters.”