The new urban fantasy series!

This is about to be the longest day of Tess Skye’s life.

But it’s all a matter of perspective. Because it’s also the only day she can remember.

Things aren’t off to a good start when she loses her memory and wakes up in a room with two dead vampires. Things get worse when another vampire tries to crash the party and finish the job.

Tess doesn’t know why she’s a target.

Or what she did to piss these people off.

But finding out who she is will be the key to surviving. Because she might be more important than she could ever know…

What readers are saying about Drop Dead:

I’m a fan of D.N. Erikson’s work, to be fair, but this is next level good. Like, I want the next book NOW, good.

I hope this series lasts a long time.

Loved the story line as well as the characters.”